J. Wright & Co.

J. Wright & Co.



J. Wright & Co. is a boutique development consulting firm that specializes in helping non-profit organizations maximize their potential to create social change.

We pride ourselves on fostering rich relationships with our clients in order to absorb their corporate culture and mission. Our goals are to help organizations operate more efficiently, realize their development goals and fulfill their mission.

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Transform Your Development Portfolio

We will design creative initiatives to transform your development portfolio. We operate on the following principles:

  • Integrity.  Fundraising is a practice built on honesty and trust. 

  • Effective stewardship practices.  We know that you are a good steward of your organization’s funds; we vow to be good stewards of the investment you make in our firm.

  • Clear and consistent communication.  We believe in engaging our clients in our process and promise to keep an ongoing dialogue with you.

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Ethical Principles, Effective Practices

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Areas of Practice



  • Moves management and Donor Development Strategy

  • Donor database analysis

  • Stewardship

  • Organizational development

  • Staff and Board Coaching

Contract Development

  • Grant Writing

  • Prospect Research

  • Event Management

  • Transition Planning and Execution


Julie has been a true gem to work with. Her level of expertise and professionalism paired with her passion for making a difference makes each project a home run.
— Andrea Massey-Farrell, The Harvey L. Massey Foundation